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I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job your stylist, Bess Zowarka, did on an updo she recently did for me. I was so happy with it, and it stayed up all night (even after lots of dancing). My mother-in-law and sister-in-law also loved their styles and your staff was just all around wonderful. Thanks for the great service. ~Kathryn

What can I say about Russell, other than he is AWESOME!
I have been a client of his for almost 2.5 yrs and I will never go anywhere else but Versi Salon. He has a great vision for color and hair styles. He understands your needs and wants.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.  Great job Russell!!


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need a pedicure?? I have just the right person for you if you are seeking a top quality–pain free experience ELENA JACKOWSKY at VERSI ALAMO HEIGHTS provides a fun and relaxing experience while turning ugly feet into feet your proud to display. Elena also likes the challenge of working with folks who have toe and foot issues like myself. Give her a call

Versi is Bess Zowarka

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Having gotten tired of amateurs at the mall trying to pass themselves off as skilled stylists, I began my quest for a true professional. My journey took me from salon to salon all throughout San Antonio. Each encounter left me with more dismay than the last. Having all but lost hope of finding an establishment that wouldn’t treat me like a part on an assembly line and more importantly, a stylist that I could truly connect with, I noticed Versi Salon on Broadway.

From the moment you step foot in Versi you will be in for a treat. The staff is friendly and professional; the establishment clean and refreshing, even the music is great. I always feel like Norm from Cheers when I walk in because without fail, I am greeted by name.

The best part of Versi is Bess Zowarka. From time to time we meet people whom we connect with instantly. Bess is one of those individuals. For any man who is looking for the perfect style for him, Bess is your girl. She has never disappointed. The great thing about her is that she takes the time to learn you, then your hair.

If you go to Versi, ask for Bess then follow these simple instructions:

1) Sit back

2) Relax

3) Let her work her magic!

  • Pros: Sit back, relax, and let her work her magic.
  • Cons: Didn’t find her sooner.

San Antonio’s Best Stylist

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Russell Howerton is fabulous! I came to him a few months ago (at a friend’s recommendation). He totally transformed the back-yard bar-b-q, bleach-blonde do I was sporting into a much more naturally high-lighted look. Now when I see him, I don’t give much direction, he just gives me a fabulous cut & lights every time! And–he doesn’t take himself too seriously — fun guy — come see him!

  • Pros: best colorist ever


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Versi on Broadway is conveniently, centrally located in the heart of prestigious Alamo Heights and offers a wide array of outstanding hair, nail and skin services.

You won’t be disappointed by the professional and upbeat staff or the quality of your experience. Everyone works together as a team to make sure you’re comfortable and satisfied.

Russell is exquisite with hair color. He made sure that my unique shades of red were spot-on and afterward my hair color didn’t fade out the way it has with other professional color lines.

Mario, who recently cut my hair, listened to every one of my concerns and paid special attention to everything I wanted in my cut. He used both his shears and his razor to perfectly sculpt my hair into my very own cut that made me feel fresh and revived, while also assuring that I had my own personalized look that I didn’t feel was “cookie cutter” to everyone else who’d sat in his chair before me.

It’s nice to be taken care of by stylists who will welcome your ideas and opinions and cater to them while applying their professional edge.

Thanks Versi.

  • Pros: well coordinated; top-of-the-line services & products


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I went to see Bess with a problem: I had some pretty bad extensions I had put in by another stylist. They had all almost all fallen out, and the ones that were remaining were all matted. She not only fixed them, but gave me a military discount and did it in only a few hours. My new hair is SO beautiful, every day I look at it I can hardly believe it is mine.

If you want to have a great hair day, every day, go see Bess. Plus she is so gentle, it feels like an angel is working on your hair.

The only con is the price. Expensive is expensive, it doesn’t matter what you are paying for. Some things are worth the extra money however, and the service you get when you visit Bess at this top-notch salon is definatly something I would pay a million for. (if I had it!)

  • Pros: Great service, clean salon, good music & atmosphere
  • Cons: Price

The Makeup Maven and Co – Johanna Woodfin

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I don’t know where to start…I started going to Johanna the beginning of October ’09 and have been a weekly (sometimes every few days) client ever since. I LOVE THIS WOMAN! She is a genius with color/makeup etc…. and is a perfectionist. You really need to try her and see for yourself. She also has an amazingly convenient website where you can schedule your appts online. It couldn’t be more user friendly. 5 Stars from me!

  • Pros: BEST makeup application in the city!

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